Goldstein Rikon Rikon & Levi, P.C.



Firm History

Goldstein, Rikon, Rikon & Levi, P.C.

represents a merger of three of the most skilled and successful law firms practicing in this area of law.

In 1923, Samuel Goldstein and Nathan L. Goldstein founded a law firm that established a strong tradition of aggressively protecting the constitutional rights of people whose property had beenĀ  forcibly acquired by condemnation or eminent domain. M. Robert, Michael J. and Arthur D. Goldstein joined that firm, which eventually became known as Samuel Goldstein & Sons.

Then, in 1994, Michael Rikon, who had been practicing condemnation and eminent domain law since 1969, merged his firm, Michael Rikon, P.C., with Samuel Goldstein & Sons to form Goldstein, Goldstein & Rikon, P.C.

In 2000, Robert S. Gottlieb, another established condemnation and eminent domain law practitioner, joined the firm as a partner, and the firm became known as Goldstein, Goldstein, Rikon & Gottlieb, P.C.

In 2010 Robert S. Gottlieb retired as a partner and Joshua H. Rikon and Jonathan M. Houghton, who were associate attorneys with Goldstein, Goldstein, Rikon & Gottlieb, P.C., became partners in the law firmĀ  known as Goldstein, Rikon, Rikon & Houghton, P.C.

In 2022 Jonathan M. Houghton retired as a partner and Ashley Levi, who was an associate attorney with Goldstein, Rikon, Rikon & Houghton, P.C., became a partner in the firm now known as Goldstein, Rikon, Rikon & Levi., P.C.